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Personal Receptionist

Personalize how your Receptionist greets your caller and choose between several screening questions.

This is perfect for knowing the name of your caller, whether the call is for personal or business purposes, and what the call is about.

And with WhiteListing, family and friends can skip the receptionist.

Professional Receptionist

In addition to acting as a Personal Receptionist, this subscription includes an option for asking personalized questions that you need to know before taking a call.

You can even set up conversational flows depending on the responses of your caller, including call routing. With this option, you can have notifications sent to your email, Salesforce, or integrate with Slack.


Let’s face it, VoiceMail is no longer the best option for dealing with missed calls. With CallCatcher, missed calls are still received by your AI receptionist, who can help callers leave relevant information and transcribe your missed calls.

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Call-to-Text Summary
Personalized Greeting
Advanced Screening
Call Routing

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