Elegantly accept or decline calls with CallScreen.

With minimal friction, you can get all the info you need before taking a call.

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Your Receptionist

CallScreen operates with the same principles as any other receptionist. Politely and professionally requesting information from your callers and seamlessly getting that information to you with minimal effort from you or your caller.

When you receive a phone call from a number that is not in your contacts, it is dispatched to your receptionist without requiring any action from you.

Your AI receptionist has a brief conversation that you set in the CallScreen mobile app or web app. This conversation is summarized into a short notification that is sent to your mobile device, with an option to answer or decline. While waiting for your response, your users may be placed on a brief hold while your receptionist waits for you response.

Family and friends skip the Receptionist.

Your receptionist has the option to allow your contacts to skip the initial screening.

So there’s no need for them to wait.

A Receptionist with a personal touch

Your AI receptionist is dedicated to providing your callers with a personalized experience. The CallScreen mobile and web apps allow you to customize your AI receptionist’s script and questions.

You can even setup more advanced conversational flows and call routing if needed.

Keep your number or get a new one.

CallScreen is designed to fit a variety of needs. That’s why you have the choice to have CallScreen answer your calls directly, or setup a separate phone number that you can use when sharing your contact information.

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