CallScreen is your AI receptionist who can do more than sort which calls are important or spam.

By asking unknown callers a few simple questions, CallScreen can prepare you for any incoming call by providing a short summary of what conversation is waiting for you when you answer.

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Your friends and family skip the receptionist.

CallScreen doesn’t want to waste the time of your friends and family, Numbers listed in your contacts can skip the screening process and go directly to your phone.

Use cases

Small to Midsize Business

Perfect for receiving calls to your small to midsize business, your receptionist can provide callers with most of the information they want to know without the frustration of listening to a long list of menu options or irrelevant information. And when you do need to get on the phone, you'll already know what your customer is looking for!

Spam and Solicitor Filter

With any of our receptionists, you don't need to answer a call to know whether or not it's spam or a telemarketer. Going beyond checking lists of numbers identified as robot-callers, your receptionist gives you information from unknown callers so that you have the final say whether you want to answer.

Call & Message Routing

Want to avoid having a touch-tone system but still need to get callers routed to the right department or route to another contact channel? Your Receptionist can route callers using an intuitive conversational format to maximize caller satisfaction. Calls can be forwarded to prescribed phone numbers, emails, or software applications.

Natural Language

Engage callers with minimal friction. Your AI receptionist talks to unknown callers in a conversational format to get the important information you need before deciding whether you want to take a call.

Using our web app or mobile app, you can personalize your AI receptionist whenever, wherever.

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