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Let AI give you a preview of incoming calls before you even pick up.

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What is CallScreen?

CallScreen is an AI phone receptionist who talks to callers from unknown numbers and finds out what they want… without the price tag of using a live agent.

When you get a call from an unknown number, your AI receptionist asks a few simple questions and sends you a notification about your incoming call.

Then it’s up to you, answer or keep going about your day.

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How it works

Without interrupting your day, calls from unknown numbers are received by your AI receptionist. The caller is asked a few simple questions in a conversational format.

The summary of the prescreen conversation is sent to you as a notification, with an option to answer or decline the call.

Your receptionists

The Personal Receptionist is our AI assistant designed for personal and small business use.

Personalize how your Receptionist greets your caller and choose between several screening questions with just a few clicks on our web or mobile app.

This is perfect for getting basic information before answering a call, like the name of your caller, whether the call is for personal or business purposes, and what the caller wants to talk about.

And with WhiteListing, family and friends can skip the receptionist.

Our Professional Receptionist takes your phone line to the next level and is geared toward handling more intricate screening conversations.

In addition to acting as a Personal Receptionist, this subscription includes an option for asking personalized questions set by you that you want to know before taking a call.

You can even set up conversational flows depending on the responses of your caller. With this option, you can use call routing, and have notifications sent to your email, Slack, or Salesforce.

Let’s face it, VoiceMail is no longer the best way to deal with missed calls.

With CallCatcher, missed calls are still received by your AI receptionist, who can ask callers questions to help them leave relevant information and transcribe your missed calls.

Not only do your callers provide leave more relevant messages, these messages are also summarized in text, just like our other Receptionists so that you can get the gist of the message at just a glance.

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